03/18/2004 - K Chronicles recognizes Gollum campaign

Despite the corporate stranglehold on the news media, the Gollum candidacy is receiving growing attention. The Gollum 2004 Campaign is particularly delighted to note the appearance of the candidate in the work of nationally-syndicated cartoonist Keith Knight. See:


for more information.

We note that Mr Knight apparently drew his cartoon before any information on the campaign was available on the Internet (in fact, within at most a few days of the registration of the gollum2004.com website). A ringwraith has been dispatched to investigate the possibility that a palantir has somehow come into Mr Knight's possession. Whatever the explanation, we feel that this public mention of the candidate in national media demonstrates a recognition of the strong appeal of Mr Gollum to the American voter, and we thank Mr Knight for his kind acknowledgement of our campaign.